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Plastic causes serious harm

to our health and that of our ecosystems

Not too thrilled about that ?

Yet production is constantly on the increase, and the vast majority of plastic products we use are useless and/or disposable.

Welcome to the throwaway society.

The solution? Cut off the tap at source by drastically reducing the production, consumption and toxicity of plastic to preserve our health and that of all living organisms and ecosystems.

Are you #SickOfPlastic too? Join the movement and take action together! 

take action in 2 steps

I act on an international scale

INC 3, taking place in Nairobi from November 13 to 19, is the 3rd round of UN negotiations aimed at achieving an international treaty on plastics by 2024.

Help us demand an ambitious treaty with measures to reduce the production, consumption and toxicity of plastic!

I take action on a European scale

On November 21, the European Parliament will vote on the future PPWR regulation on packaging and packaging waste.

Help us to call on parliamentarians to demand ambitious measures to reduce the production, consumption and toxicity of plastics!



Do you want to take action, find out how to protect your health and deplastify your life?

We've put together a complete kit for you! Bonus: a list of all the resources you can use to find out more about plastics.

*And deplastify my life


If you'd like to organize a screening (wild or otherwise) of the short film Bakelite, we've put together a "screening-debate kit" for you Download it now.

I'm organizing a screening* ➔
*To make things change

our partners

They helped us set up this campaign.

Experts and personalities

Partners Scientific experts, journalists and authors : Marc-André Selosse (MNHN), Hervé Raps (Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco), Philippe Mondielli (Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco), Mathilde Body-Malapel (CHU de Lille),  Nathalie Gontard (INRAE), Julien Rochette (IDDRI), Maître David Azoulay (CIEL), Xavier Cousin (INRAE), Pierre-François Staub (OFB), Flore Berlingen, Chloé Nabédian, Virginie Hilssone, Dorothée Moisan, Nelly Pons, Hélène Seingier, Capucine Dupuy, Vincent Doumeizel, Romain Troublé (Fondation Tara Océan), Claire Tournefier (Fondatrice de Rejoué) etc.

Personalities supporting the campaign : Pomme, Lucie Lucas, Jean-Luc Reichmann, Rone, Julie Gautier, Luciole, Magali Payen, Audrey Dana, Baptiste Lorber, Charlotte Polifonte, Benjamin de Molliens, Charles Merlin (vivre moins con), Fanny Leeb, Juliette LEJ, Lily Nambininsoa, Lola Dubini, Mamaddou Dembele (The Impact Story), Le coin d'Elodie, Virginie Hilssone, Tom Frager, Jules Stimpfling (Jules comme César), Frah de Shaka Ponk, Camille Chaudron (girl go green), Tiphaine de Cointet etc.

impact partners

STRATEGIC partners

FINANCIAL partners

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